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Latest News
6-12-2018 Bull Session #620 Read news in the Bull Session
5-14-2018 Flight of the Bulls Results Scoring from the May 12 Flight of the Bulls
4-9-2018 BullShip Results View the results from the annual RYC Bullship race here!
3-2-18 RYC BullShip Race Posted The RYC BullShip 2018 race has been posted!

1. Click here to read the overview of the race first.
2. The notice of race is here (Gran Concurso Barco-Toro).
3. Then, the always informative sailing instructions (VENCEDORES) will guide you where you need to go.
4. To register as a bullship, click here.
5. Cowship registration is here: cowships don't moo.
6. Finally, the full list of registrants is here (be sure to check back, the list is updated regularly)
    I am excited to introduce the new El Toro Webmaster, Kim Paternoster! I know she will do an amazing job!

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the class for the last 14 years and although it is bittersweet, it is time for me to move on. I have been working full time for the last couple years and there is only so much time. I love the El Toro class as that is where my son received his wings! I will cherish the memories I have of my son and husband racing their Toros together, traveling to regattas, sail camp and the special El Toro community. Dan still has his El Toro and who knows, if he every gets too old to chase Mackenzie in their A-Cats, he might focus more on the El Toro . . . so for now I sign off and thank you from the bottom of my heart! Cheers! Kelli
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