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    Here, at the Richmond Yacht Club, on San Francisco Bay, we are used to seeing "high-tech" El Toro's with race rigging, state-of-the-art sails, and floatation tanks. These boats are often referred to as "self-rescue" El Toros or "Floaters".  However, in much of the rest of the world, the concept of El Toros that can float and self-rescue is unknown, so here are some samples! The standard wooden El Toro, when capsized and then  righted, will come up with the hull full of water over the gunwales- very, very difficult, if not impossible, to continue on sailing with out outside help. Tanked, "self-rescue" El Toros are safer, more convenient, and get you back racing much faster... with tanks in the right places, an El Toro can be righted and boarded,  by a person in the water, then sailed away. You will need to do some bailing, but you can continue racing with out disqualification. We encourage all of our Junior El Toro sailors, at RYC, to purchase El Toros with added floatation tanks.  Most of the fastest Junior and Adult El Toro sailors are winning races in fiberglass, "self-rescue" El Toros these days.  Wooden boats can be tanked too, but they tend to be on the heavy side for racing.

    Here are all the samples of the different tanking schemes that I could find one day at the RYC Junior Sailing Clinic. I believe that a couple of these hull types might not be strictly legal by the Class Rules, but they are all included to show examples and foster future design ideas. Please feel free to send me some more examples if you have them!

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Wooden boats with tanks

ToroTanks11.JPG (58052 bytes)   ToroTanks12.JPG (58696 bytes)
ToroTanks05.JPG (105970 bytes)   ToroTanks16.JPG (107341 bytes)   ToroTanks17.JPG (88872 bytes)
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Custom Fiberglass tanks

ToroTanks08.JPG (100690 bytes)   ToroTanks10.JPG (58344 bytes)   ToroTanks09.JPG (57368 bytes)
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Fiberglass boats with tanks from molds

ToroTanks01.JPG (94386 bytes)   ToroTanks02.JPG (92855 bytes)   ToroTanks04.JPG (95603 bytes)   ToroTanks06.JPG (105202 bytes)

ToroTanks03.JPG (60480 bytes)   ToroTanks07.JPG (90221 bytes)   ToroTanks19.JPG (94550 bytes)
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Unusual tank styles

ToroTanks18.JPG (84710 bytes)   ToroTanks13.JPG (61448 bytes) ToroTanks14.JPG (62248 bytes) ToroTanks15.JPG (61620 bytes)
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Alternative to tanks

ToroTanks20.JPG (97667 bytes)   ToroTanks21.JPG (99489 bytes)
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